Why Do People Shift From Their Homes?

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Many home owners shift from their houses into new ones after every 5-8 years. What motivates them to shift from one place of residence to the next? What are the causes of their sudden shifts from hometown to hometown?

There are many motivational factors which influence people to move from their homes. A few of the reasons that influence people to shift their residence are discussed below:

1       Lack Of Space:

When the size of the family starts to increase and the kids start growing up, families tend to move out of their smaller homes, into a house with more space. Often the old place just isn’t large enough to handle so many people living together.

2       Upgrade To A Better Home:

Modern technology has influenced the construction sector and bigger, better and more facilitative homes are now being developed. People wish to live in a house that’s modern and up-to-date, hence they shift from their old homes into these newly constructed structures.

3       Job Transfer:

One very common cause of shifting a person’s residence is the transference of his job. If he is living in one city and has gotten a job in the adjacent one, he would prefer to shift there, rather than having to commute all the way there every single day.

4       Marriage:

When couples get married and move in together, they usually either take up residence at the husband’s home or buy a new house somewhere else.

5       Neighbourhood Changes:

With time, if the neighbourhood surrounding the house has deteriorated in standards, then usually people choose to move out of that locality to a more up-scale area.

6       Empty Home:

After the children have gotten married and left the home, the parents feel that their house is too big for them and that more than half of it remains empty all the time. In such a scenario, they prefer to move into a smaller home.

7       To Be Near Family:

People who have very close family ties, prefer to stay in an area where their family is nearby. So they shift from their current residence to another one.


8       Health Problems:

As age increases, body fitness deteriorates and then people feel that perhaps it is better to live on the ground level rather than having to climb the stairs. In such cases, they sell their old homes and move to new ones where there are fewer steps to climb and where they can move about easily.

9       To Meet Family Less Often:

There are some people who do not get along well with their families and just to put some distance between them, they shift from their house to a different one farther away. Sometimes, they even move to different provinces or cities in order to avoid meeting their families.

10   Home Demands Too Much Maintenance:

Houses gradually tend to show signs of wear and tear. Small repairs are easier to manage but occasionally, big and costly restorations are needed. People prefer to move to a new house rather than installing a new roof or a new furnace.


No matter what the reason, people have a hard time living in the same home for their entire lives. Ultimately, the end conclusion remains the same; a “For Sale” sign in the yard and a bunch of unforgettable memories within the house.

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