8 Essential Repairs Before Selling Your House

Jul 17, 2013 by

Prospective buyers are always more interested in houses that are in good condition. In order to engage their attention towards your home, you need to keep it clean and well-maintained. Prior to putting your house up for sale, you need to make certain repairs that might not have mattered to you, but will matter greatly to the buyer. However, you do not need to make expensive changes within your home and the expense you make on minor repairs will come back to you in the form of a better sale offer. Some of these repairs could be:

1       Floorings:

With time, the floor of the house gets worn and dull. Depending upon the type of flooring you have, polishing up wooden floors or replacing chipped ceramic tiles or wooden panels might become essential in order to restore the beauty of your home in the eyes of the customer.

2       Walls:

If the paint of your walls is peeling away or has become faded and dull, a fresh coat of paint will give your house a new life. Make sure to air out your house so that the paint’s smell does not linger or use odorless paints. You can paint the ceilings as well if you choose to do so.  Also, if you have nail holes in your walls, fill in the cracks and paint them over.

3       Kitchen:

The cabinets in the kitchen should be in good condition and all the equipment you are selling should be in proper working order. Clean any rust that may have accumulated on your taps and pipes and fix any leaking faucets you find.

4       Bathroom:

Within the bathroom, clean the tiles, the shower cabinet, the bath tub and the toilet. Fix any leaky faucets that you have encountered in the past and make sure that your bathrooms smell nice and fresh when buyers come to visit the place.

5       Light Fixtures:

Are there any lights in your house that have burned out? If yes, then replace them. Polish your chandeliers and wipe your lamps. When the customer comes, he wants to see a bright and well-lit home so make sure you open the lights when buyers arrive and let them see your home in all its glory.

6       Roof:

Outer appearance of the house matters a lot. It creates a first impression on the buyer regarding what he’ll find inside. So it’s necessary to keep the roof clean as well. Make sure you wash or clean your roof thoroughly.

7       Foundations:

Weak foundations make for an unstable house. If you are planning to sell your house, ensure that it has a strong foundation. If the foundation is weak, repair it as soon as possible or else, hire a professional to do it.

8       Yard:

If you have a yard in the front or back of the house, you need to keep it trimmed and neat because nobody wants to buy a house that has an overgrown yard. So make sure your yard looks clean and manageable.

Once you have completed the repairs of your house, you can put your house up for sale. It’s entirely your choice if you choose to manage the sale yourself or whether you wish to hire a professional. The key point here is that the effort you put in repairs is definitely worth it when you get a good offer for your home.

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